Men's Soccer Showcase FAQ

Where is the Showcase held?

The Showcase is held on the campus of the University of Lynchburg on Shellenberger Field, E.C. Glass High School, and Lynchburg City Stadium. EC Glass is a local High School and City Stadium is a local sporting venue, they both are less than 5 miles from the University. Both fields have Field Turf and lights.

Can I register as an individual?

Yes. If you do not have a team to play on, you can register as an individual. We will place you on a team comprised of individuals, or on a team in need of players. Teams comprised of individuals will play each other in the same division.

Can my friend and I be on the same team?

Yes. We do our best to accommodate groups of players wanting to play on the same team, despite not being able to field a full team. Simply write on the registration form who you would like to play with, or e-mail us @ with the request.

How do I register a team?

You can register a team by filling out the information in the registration form. Here is a link to Register! Please contact Chris Yeager at for any questions or concerns.

How many players are needed on a team?

Minimum of 8 players (7 field players and 1 goalie) is required, but we strongly suggest more than 8 players for substitution purposes.

Do I bring my own uniform?

No. We provide long sleeve shirts as your jersey. The shirts have numbers that correspond to the player profiles given to the college coaches. Each team in each division will have a different colored shirt. You must bring your own shorts, socks, and shin guards. Color does not matter.

What is the College Coaches Panel?

The College Coaches Panel is an open forum discussion amongst players, parents, and college coaches to discuss the college soccer recruiting process. The panel is extremely informative, so please bring your questions!

What happens if there is inclement weather?

We will try our best to play through the weather and continue on with all of our games during the weekend. For the most part we will play unless the weather is severe. Fortunately, we will be playing on turf fields which will allow us to play through most inclement weather. In the unlikely event we have to cancel, there will be no refunds offered.

What colleges will be there?

Many colleges attend the event each year. We will have a list of confirmed coaches on the website leading up to the showcase and on site during registration. We do our best to personally invite every college listed on our flyer, as well as others. If you would like a college coach to see you play, it is important you e-mail the coach, letting them know you will be playing at the Showcase. This will give coaches even more reason to attend the Showcase.

How can I get noticed?

Try and work as hard as you can and play as well as you can. Be a team player and hard worker, and people will notice you. Letting your play do the talking for you is the best way to get noticed.

Will there be athletic trainers?

Yes. Certified athletic trainers will be on hand at each site.

Will there be tours of the campus?

Yes. Scheduled tours will be given throughout both days of competition.